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While choosing the hoop earrings we need to be very definite about which hoop earrings that really suit our face because it makes a noticeable effect on our personality. We need to opt for the right earrings for our face shape or type and it should compliment our face.

Here we will help you to find the ideal earrings for your face type. Face types are distributed according to the face structure / Shape and hoop earrings are referred that will enhance the face beauty and truly emphasize that how can we select best hoop earrings for our selves.

Please Find Below the List of face shapes / cuts and the type of hoop earrings that can be suitable for the specific face type. Some earrings might suits on round face but can look useless on heart shape face, same goes to other face types. With the below mentioned analysis you can judge which type of hoop earrings can best suits your personality.

Hoop Earrings Suitable for Diamond face:
Diamond face can wear hoop earrings that are of medium size either round or a half round. Can be wide or made of stones or beads. Small size hoop earrings can also be used if you want your face to look bit smaller however for some formal occasion always choose to wear long hanging hoop earrings that can also be flat at the end or big rounds as it will give a contemporary look to a diamond face.

Find Hoop earrings for Diamond Face

Hoop Earrings Suitable for Heart face:
Hoop earrings that are best suitable for heart face are small hoop earrings mostly flat can be wide as well. All hoop earrings whether they are round, flat, three dimensional, if they are small they will always look ravishing and at the same time can give sober look or an up to dated look. If we compare only long dangling earrings might not suits with such face type.

Find Hoop earrings for Heart Face

Hoop Earrings Suitable for Oblong face
Oblong face needs to wear hoop earrings that may reveal a widen face in result of wearing them. Big round or wide hoop earrings or in short any type of big hoop earrings can work best with oblong face to give it a healthy look.

Find Hoop earrings for Oblong Face

Hoop Earrings Suitable for Oval face

Oval Face can use hoop earrings that gives an extend look to such face type. Earrings can be of medium size with design in the middle or they can wear flat diamond or heart shaped hoop earrings that will work best.

Find Hoop earrings for Oval Face

Hoop Earrings Suitable for Round face
The Dilemma of the round face is that in real they really look attractive and charming but when a photograph is taken it always differ with the actual charm of the round face person i.e. a less attractive face.

To control this situation and to look cool and attractive not in real but also in photographs a round face will need to select the type of cloths & jewelry that will enhance the curves of their face to make it feel more eye catching.

Here as we are talking about Hoop earrings, For round face best suitable hoop earrings are the round one and preferable the big round hoop earrings, such earrings works with few face types and when they suits they really suits so if we want to look cool & different then we need to choose such earrings while we are interested to buy any type of hoop earrings.

Find Hoop earrings for Round Face

Hoop Earrings Suitable for Square face
Such face type gives a fleshy look whether the person is a healthy one in real or not. All type of hoop earrings can work with such face type however if we become more specific then we can choose big round hoop earring, large pointed hoop earrings, half clipped wide hoop earrings and the flat ones as well.

Find Hoop earrings for Square Face

Hoop Earrings Suitable for Triangular face
For Triangular face we need to choose hoop earrings that are somewhat flat, thin or can be in oval shape, for getting more specific shape it should be somewhat broad near ear and thin at the end. wavy earrings, small round earrings can also be used for a soft look.

Find Hoop earrings for Triangular Face

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