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To wear mentioned wide hoop earrings is always pleasant for oblong face as it soften the sharpen look of the oblong face people. Mentioned earrings are one of the type that can be used in all type of occasions specially in day to day routine.
If You want to look more up-to-dated with oblong face then use the earrings like some of mentioned below. All long and big hoop earrings look glorious and these earrings go with all type of formal dresses in formal functions.

Like this, medium sized or any other hoop earrings with similar size can suit oblong face women as such earrings will enhance their face beauty without letting face to be look small.

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Rocawear Gold tone flame flame hoop earrigs

Hoop earrings in different colors for your choice, small hoop earrings in 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold and 14K rose gold.

Small hoop earrings always suit oblong face people.

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Small hoop earrings with dangle style also suits well the oblong face people.

These particular hoop earrings are in copper tone and with a gemstone.

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Copper tone small dangle hoop earrings


very stylish hoop earrings with double hearts in dangle style.

Like any other small dangle hoop earrings these hoop earrings can also suits well the oblong face people.

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18K white gold double heart hoop earrings

These J style hoop earrings are very cute and are not very large in size. These type of hoop earrings also suits any oblong face women.

These hoop earrings are in J style and a very simple example of j style hoop earrings.

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18K gold overlay sterling silver zirconia hoop earrings

Sterling Silver designed small hoop earrings with saddlebacks for more security.

Very beautiful such hoop earrings will look really attractive on such face types as it will enhance your face beauty.

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Like the above mentioned hoop earrings these hoop earrings are also very attractive and suits the oblong face type.

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