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Medium sized hoop earrings always work best with Oval face however we can wear other type of hoop earring as well still if we want a composed look we need to select something that go with our face shape. Mentioned wide hoop earrings are used to give an extended look to an oval face.
Along with the wide medium hoop earrings we can also wear medium hoop earrings that are in thin shape. Earrings are always selected according to the occasion however mentioned medium hoop earrings can work with both formal or casual occasion depending upon our dress.

Like this, medium sized or any other hoop earrings with similar size can really suit oval face women as such earrings will enhance their face beauty without letting face to be look small.

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Sterling Silver cubic zarconia small hoop earrings

Mostly oval faces are in advantage due to their face cut mostly all type of hoop earrings suits however there are some hoop earrings that suits even more like this dangling hoop earrings that would not let your face very round or very thin.

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Dangle style hoop earrings are the best that suits oval face ladies due to the reason that due to dangle their length is more and as they are also round they do not make look your face thin.

Choice any of the dangling hoop earrings for dazzling look.

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two tone sterling silver drop hoop earrings


These hoop earrings are also in dangle style like the above mentioned but with a style.

What ever you chose will always effect your personality. Such hoop earrings will suit to a lot.

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14K yellow gold two circle dangling hoop earrings

If you want to buy some small type of hoop earring than go for some hoop earrings that have some dressing beneath or between them

Match them with you evening dress or wear in your casual routine they will look equally good

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18K gold overlay sterling silver zirconia hoop earrings

Hoop earrings with different design to suit your self. check out our store for complete collection and earrings like this that will surely suit you.

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Like the above mentioned hoop earrings these hoop earrings are also very attractive and suits the oblong face type.

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