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If you have a round face then hoop earrings are the perfect set of earrings made for you. There are many dangle and large hoop earrings in market that looks really attractive and stylish however not everyone can wear them. Reason? face it might not suit every face but lady you are the lucky one that you can wear any type of hoop earrings and look fantastic and amazing.

Large hoop earrings can simply be worn with a simple dress still they make a huge difference as due to their size they diverts people attention towards them.

Hoop earrings also works to reduce more roundness of your face and makes it look bit thin and ovals and give you an attractive look you ever wished for.

Price $12.99: These earrings are simple yet they add beauty to everyone’s face due to its shine. They are 18kt yellow gold over sterling silver polished hoop-in-hoop fishhook earrings. Its drop measures 2 1/4 inches.

As they are in drop style they are fit for round shaped face as if someone having small face wear such style it makes their face look even smaller. Round faces have the opportunity that almost every round earrings suits them however if we choice some earrings that only suits round face can add a uniqueness to someone’s personality.

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18kt Over Sterling Silver Polished Hoop-In-Hoop Fishhook Earrings

Price $79.99: These 14kt yellow gold hoop earrings are satin polished twist hoop earrings. These earrings are made in Italy and have saddleback closures and measure 1 and 3/16 inch in the drop and 1/8 inch in width.

These earrings are suitable for round face due to its shape. As they are wide and big in size they give a an impression on a face that it looks smaller and round face seems small and oval due to which a person seems more attractive. So we can have these earrings just to look beautiful with what we have.

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Price $17.99: These earrings are sterling silver polished knife edge hoop saddleback earrings. Their drop measures 1 15/16 inches. Perfect for round shaped faces as they suits them a lot due to its size and shape.

Big round hoop earrings re always in fashion and they always seems bold but they hardly suits someone and round face have advantage that such earrings suits them a lot. Chose to be different and praised one.

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Sterling Silver Polished Knife Edge Hoop Saddleback Earrings


Price $59.99: These earrings are made up of 18kt yellow gold, are textured with oval design saddleback hoop earrings. They earrings measure 1 and 3/16 inches in drop and have saddlebacks.

Made in Italy, as these earrings drops they make their place on round shaped face. They are best suitable for round face due to their drop and design. Round face will seems thin and if hair style with some flicks will be maintained, round face will look bombastic

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18kt Textured Oval Design Saddleback Hoop Earrings

$99.99: These earrings are sterling silver (7.00ctw) with oval apatite hoop earrings. This pair of earrings measure 7/8 inch in the drop and 5/16 inch in width with saddlebacks.

As these earrings are wide they swill seem attractive with round face. Big, large and wide hoop earrings always suits round face yet we need to select something different to add some more appeal

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Sterling Silver Apatite Hoop Earrings (7.00ctw )

Price $69.99: These earrings are14kt and are two-toned polished having diamond cut with oval hoop earrings Style.

The drop measures 1 and 1/16 inches with a saddleback closure. Such earrings seems attractive on round face as they give a thin and long face look to a round face and if a round face seems thin or long it really look stunning.

Choose to wear oval style hoop earrings to look awesome and unique.

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These Big round hoop earrings are made up of Sterling silver with bead hoop design. They are 32mm wide along with 1 1/4 inch diameter.

Such earrings are always suitable for round face as round face wearing round hoop earrings will always results in a thin face that will look more attractive.

Very attractive and different looking due to its style.

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Dangle hoop earring always suits round face people and these dangle hoop earrings are in double heart shape so it will suits you more as they are hoop earrings + they are in dangle style.


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Like all other large hoop earrings these hoop earrings can also look great on round face people. Just wear any shoulder less dress and these hoop earrings and you are set to go for any party or get together.

Large hoop earrings also look good with tied hair to make them more prominent.

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In sterling silver these hoop earrings are in Bali style and are of medium size.

Like all other simple round hoop earrings these earrings can also suit round faced personality easily

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These hoop earrings are in gold tone, material sterling silver however they are plated in 24K gold.

These hoop earrings are open at one end so there is no need to close them with any clasp, with dangle style at the bottom just to enhance the beauty of round face.

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