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Below mentioned earrings can work best with triangular face. There are only few hoop earrings that really look great on triangular face however we have mentioned some of those among which thin oval or small thin round hoop earrings will look admirable. So happy hoop earrings selection :)

Mostly the medium sized hoop earrings works best with triangular face people.

Such earrings will enhance you face beauty without letting face to be look bulky

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Sterling Silver cubic zarconia pave small hoop earrings

Very stylish these hoop earrings are without the closure as they have an open ending.

They are thin to match your face type wit a small heart at the end to make it look stylish.

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Very attractive, small and different looking.

Small hoop earrings will look great on your face. Click to enter the store for complete range and variety.

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Sterling silver stylish hoop earrings

Large hoop earrings will look good on triangular face especially the thin one.

The wide large design may not look attractive so if you want to wear big earring then go for thin ones.

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Sterling silver large hoop earrings

Medium sized hoop earrings always look good on triangular face ladies especially when it is thin.

Select such earrings for normal routine or daily basis.

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J style hoop earrings looks good on your triangular face as they will tend to look your face little smarter and help shaping it in a better way.

Chose the best for your self by checking the entire collection we have.

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